Referencia Nombre Horas Exámen
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-100T01 Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources 8 AZ-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-100T02 Implementing and Managing Storage 8 AZ-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-100T03 Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines 8 AZ-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-100T04 Configure and Manage Virtual Networks 8 AZ-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-100T05 Manage Identities 8 AZ-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-101T01 Migrate Servers to Azure 8 AZ-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-101T02 Implement and Manage Application Services 8 AZ-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-101T03 Implement Advanced Virtual Networking 8 AZ-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-101T04 Secure Identities 8 AZ-101
CloudSoftware Development AZ-200T01 Select the Appropriate Azure Technology Development Solution 8
CloudSoftware Development AZ-200T02 Develop for Azure Storage 8
CloudSoftware Development AZ-200T03 Develop Azure Platform as a Service Solutions 8
CloudSoftware Development AZ-200T04 Implement Security in Azure Development Solutions 8
CloudSoftware Development AZ-201T01 Develop for an Azure Cloud Model 8
CloudSoftware Development AZ-201T02 Implement Azure Development Integration Solutions 8
CloudSoftware Development AZ-201T03 Develop Azure Cognitive Services, Bot, and IoT Solutions 16
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-300T01 Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure 8 AZ-300
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-300T02 Implementing Workloads and Security 8 AZ-300
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-300T03 Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions 8 AZ-300
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-300T04 Creating and Deploying Apps 8 AZ-300
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-300T06 Developing for the Cloud 8 AZ-300
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-301T01 Designing for Identity and Security 8 AZ-301
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-301T02 Designing a Data Platform Solution 8 AZ-301
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-301T03 Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration 8 AZ-301
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-301T04 Designing an Infrastructure Strategy 8 AZ-301
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T01 Implementing DevOps Development Processes 8 AZ-400
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T02 Implementing Continuous Integration 8 AZ-400
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T03 Implementing Continuous Delivery 8 AZ-400
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T04 Implementing Dependency Management 8 AZ-400
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T05 Implementing Application Infrastructure 8 AZ-400
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T06 Implementing Continuous Feedback 8 AZ-400
CloudSoftware Development AZ-400T07 Designing a DevOps Strategy 8 AZ-400
CloudSystems & Infraestructure AZ-900T01 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 8 AZ-900
CloudMicrosoft Dynamics MB-200T01 Dynamics 365: Power Platform applications 16 MB-200
CloudMicrosoft Dynamics MB-200T02 Dynamics 365: Power Platform automation 8 MB-200
CloudMicrosoft Dynamics MB-200T03 Dynamics 365: Power Platform integrations 8 MB-200
CloudMicrosoft Dynamics MB-200T04 Dynamics 365: Power Platform test and deploy 8 MB-200
CloudMicrosoft Dynamics MB-210T01 Dynamics 365 for customer engagement for sales 8 MB-210
CloudMicrosoft Dynamics MB-230T01 Dynamics 365 for customer engagement for customer service 8 MB-230
Systems & Infraestructure MD-100T01 Installing Windows 10 8 MD-100
Systems & Infraestructure MD-100T02 Configuring Windows 10 16 MD-100
Systems & Infraestructure MD-100T03 Protecting Windows 10 8 MD-100
Systems & Infraestructure MD-100T04 Maintaining Windows 10 8 MD-100
Systems & Infraestructure MD-101T01 Deploying the Modern Desktop 16 MD-101
Systems & Infraestructure MD-101T02 Managing Modern Desktops and Devices 16 MD-101
Systems & Infraestructure MD-101T03 Protecting Modern Desktops and Devices 8 MD-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-100T01 Office 365 Management 8 MS-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-100T02 Microsoft 365 Tenant & Service Management 16 MS-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-100T03 Microsoft 365 Identity Management 8 MS-100
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-101T01 Microsoft 365 Security Management 8 MS-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-101T02 Microsoft 365 Compliance Management 16 MS-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-101T03 Microsoft 365 Device Management 8 MS-101
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-200T01 Understanding the Modern Messaging Infrastructure 8 MS-200
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-200T02 Managing Client Access and Mail Flow 16 MS-200
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-200T03 Managing Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery 16 MS-200
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-201T01 Defining a Hybrid Messaging Strategy 16 MS-201
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-201T02 Managing Messaging Security, Hygiene, and Compliance 16 MS-201
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20331 Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 25 70-331
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20332 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 25 70-332
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20334 Core Solutions of Skype for Business 2015 25 70-334
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20339-1 Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 25 70-339
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20339-2 Advanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016 25 70-339
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20341 Core Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 25 70-341
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20342 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 25 70-342
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20345-1 Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 25 70-345
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-20345-2 Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 25 70-345
CloudProductivity MS-20347 Enabling and Managing Office 365 25 70-346, 70-347
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20410 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 25 70-410
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20411 Administering Windows Server 2012 25 70-411
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20412 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services 25 70-412
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 25 70-413
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20414 Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure 25 70-414
Data Analytics MS-20461 Querying Microsoft SQL Server 25 70-461
Data Analytics MS-20462 Administering Microsoft SQL Server Databases 25 70-462
Data Analytics MS-20463 Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 25 70-463
Data Analytics MS-20464 Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases 25 70-464
Data Analytics MS-20465 Designing a Data Solution with Microsoft SQL Server 15 70-465
Data Analytics MS-20466 Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server 25 70-466
Data Analytics MS-20467 Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2014. 25 70-467
Software Development MS-20480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 25 70-480
Software Development MS-20483 Programming in C# 25 70-483
Software Development MS-20486 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications 25 70-486
CloudSoftware Development MS-20487 Developing Windows Azure and Web Services 25 70-487
CloudSoftware Development MS-20532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions 25 70-532
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-20533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 25 70-533
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-20535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 25 70-535
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-20537 Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack 25 70-537
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20695 Deploying Windows Devices and Enterprise Apps 25 70-695
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20697-1 Implementing and Managing Windows 10 25 70-697
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20697-2 Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services 25 70-697
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 25 70-698
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20703-1 Administering System Center Configuration Manager 25 70-703
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20703-2 Integrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager 15 70-703
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20740 Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 25 70-740
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20741 Networking with Windows Server 2016 25 70-741
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20742 Identity with Windows Server 2016 25 70-742
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20744 Securing Windows Server 2016 25 70-744
Systems & Infraestructure MS-20745 Implementing a Software-Defined DataCenter 25 70-745
Data Analytics MS-20761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL 25 70-761
Data Analytics MS-20762 Developing SQL Databases 25 70-762
Data Analytics MS-20764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure 25 70-764
Data Analytics MS-20765 Provisioning SQL Databases 25 70-765
Data Analytics MS-20767 Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse 25 70-767
Data Analytics MS-20768 Developing SQL Data Models 15 70-768
Data Analytics MS-20773 Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R 15 70-773
CloudData Analytics MS-20774 Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning 25 70-774
Data Analytics MS-20775 Performing Data Engineering on Microsoft HD Insight 25 70-775
Data Analytics MS-20776 Performing Big Data Engineering on Microsoft Cloud Services 25 70-776
CloudData Analytics MS-20777 Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions 15 70-777
CloudData Analytics MS-20778 Analyzing Data with Power BI 15 70-778
Data Analytics MS-20779 Analyzing Data with Excel 15 70-779
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-300T01 Managing Office 365 Content Services 16 MS-300
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-300T02 Managing SharePoint Online 16 MS-300
CloudProductivity MS-300T03 Enabling Microsoft Teams for Collaboration 8 MS-300
CloudProductivity MS-300T04 Enabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration 16 MS-300
CloudProductivity MS-301T01 Implementing SharePoint 2019 Infrastructure 16 MS-301
CloudProductivity MS-301T02 Implementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications 16 MS-301
CloudProductivity MS-301T03 Implementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios 8 MS-301
CloudProductivity MS-301T04 Migrating to SharePoint Online 8 MS-301
ProductivitySystems & Infraestructure MS-40409 Deploying Voice Workloads for Skype for Business Online and Server 2015 25 70-333
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-500T01 Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access 8 MS-500
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-500T02 Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection 8 MS-500
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-500T03 Implementing Microsoft 365 Information Protection 8 MS-500
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-500T04 Administering Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance 8 MS-500
CloudData Analytics MS-552241 Microsoft Azure Big Data Analytics Solutions 10 70-475
CloudData Analytics MS-552242 Operationalize Cloud Analytics Solutions with Microsoft Azure 10 70-475
CloudData Analytics MS-55247 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions 15 70-473
CloudSystems & Infraestructure MS-900T01 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals 8 MS-900
Data Analytics OR-01101 Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL 30 1Z0-497
Data Analytics OR-01102 Oracle Database: SQL Workshop I 18 1Z0-497
Data Analytics OR-01104 Oracle Database: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals 30 1Z0-497
Data Analytics OR-01105 Oracle Database 12c: Backup and Recovery Workshop 30 1Z0-497
Data Analytics OR-01106 Oracle Database 12c: Managing Multitenant Architecture 16 1Z0-497, 12cOCM, 1Z0-063
Data Analytics OR-01107 Oracle Database 12c: ASM Administration 16 1Z0-068, 12cOCM
Data Analytics OR-01108 Oracle Database 12c: Clusterware Administration 24 1Z0-068, 12cOCM
Data Analytics OR-01109 Oracle Database 12c: RAC Administration 24 1Z0-068, 12cOCM
Data Analytics OR-01110 Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning 30 1Z0-064, 12cOCM
Data Analytics OR-01111 Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop 30 12cOCM
Data Analytics OR-01112 Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration 24 12cOCM
Data Analytics OR-01113 Oracle Database 12c R2: Install and Upgrade Workshop Ed 2 12 1Z0-073
Data Analytics OR-01114 Oracle Database 12c R2: Backup and Recovery Workshop Ed 3 30 1Z0-074
Data Analytics OR-01115 Oracle Database 12c R2: Managing Multitenant Architecture Ed 2 18 1Z0-075
Data Analytics OR-01116 Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for 12c R1 Administrators Ed 1 18 1Z0-076
Data Analytics OR-01117 Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administration 24 1Z0-066
Data Analytics OR-01118 Oracle Database 12c: Admin, Install and Upgrade Accelerated 30 1Z0-497
Data Analytics OR-01119 Oracle Database 12c: New Features for Administrators 18 1Z0-497
Data Analytics OR-01201 MySQL for Database Administrators 30 1Z0-006
Data Analytics OR-01202 MySQL for Developers 30 1Z0-882
Data Analytics OR-01203 MySQL for Database Administrators Ed 4 30 1Z0-888
Software Development OR-02101 Java SE 8 Fundamentals 30 1Z0-901
Software Development OR-02102 Java SE 8 Programming 30 1Z0-903
Software Development OR-02103 Java SE 7 Fundamentals 30 1Z0-906
Software Development OR-02104 Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs 30 1Z0-895
Software Development OR-02105 Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE 30 1Z0-867, 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865, 1Z0-866
Software Development OR-02106 Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform 30 1Z0-807
Software Development OR-02107 Java EE 6: Develop Database Applications with JPA 30 1Z0-898
Software Development OR-02108 Java EE 6: Develop Web Services with JAX-WS & JAX-RS 30 1Z0-897
Software Development OR-02109 Developing Applications for the Java EE 7 Platform Ed 1 30 1Z0-900
Software Development OR-02110 Java EE 6: Develop Web Applications with JSF 30 1Z0-902
Software Development OR-02111 Java EE 6: Develop Web Components with Servlets & JSPs 30 1Z0-904
Software Development OR-02112 Web Component Development with Servlets & JSPs, Java EE 6 30 1Z0-905
Software Development OR-02201 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML 30 1Z0-867, 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865, 1Z0-866
Software Development OR-02202 Java Designs Patterns 30 1Z0-807
Productivity T-01214 Project Management Office Certified Practitioner Certification 13
Data Analytics TL-01102 Microsoft Power BI – Nivel avanzado 16
Data Analytics TL-01103 Microsoft Power BI – Nivel básico 8
Data Analytics TL-01110 Qlik Sense – Desarrolladores 25
Data Analytics TL-01111 Qlik Sense – Usuarios avanzados 25
Data Analytics TL-01112 Microsoft Power BI – Nivel intermedio 8
Productivity TL-01201 Apps corporativas con Microsoft PowerApps y Flow 16
Productivity TL-01202 Microsoft Excel – Básico 16
Productivity TL-01203 Microsoft Excel – Avanzado 16
Productivity TL-01204 Microsoft Office 365 – Administración 15
Productivity TL-01205 Microsoft Office 365 – Usuarios avanzados 20
Productivity TL-01206 Microsoft Office 365 – Usuarios 8
Productivity TL-01207 Microsoft PowerPoint 12
Productivity TL-01208 Microsoft Project 10
Productivity TL-01209 Microsoft Word 20
Productivity TL-01210 Introducción al BIM en Ingeniería Civil. Infraestructuras y GIS 6
Productivity TL-01211 BIM 360º 16
Productivity TL-01213 SharePoint Online 16
Software Development TL-01401 Desarrollo de aplicaciones web con Angular 30
Software Development TL-01402 Desarrollo en Microsoft .NET Core 25
Software Development TL-01403 HTML y CSS3 20
Software Development TL-01404 Microservices con Spring Boot 24
Software Development TL-01405 Microsoft Universal Windows Platform 20
Software Development TL-01406 NodeJS 40
Software Development TL-01407 Spring 25
Software Development TL-01408 React 20
Software Development TL-01409 Servicios Rest 25
Software Development TL-01410 Git 20
Systems & Infraestructure TL-01507 Ciberseguridad, gestión de amenazas, vulnerabilidades e incidentes 8
Systems & Infraestructure TL-01508 Introducción al Networking 20
Systems & Infraestructure TL-01509 Blockchain 360º 12
Systems & Infraestructure TL-01510 Ethereum 10
Systems & Infraestructure TL-01511 Smart Contracts con Blockchain Technology 12
TL-02101 Dirección y gestión de equipos 12
TL-02102 Habilidades de negociación 8
TL-02103 Gestión persuasiva de los conflictos (test Bridge) 12
TL-02104 El líder-coach 12
TL-02105 Innovación y creatividad 12
TL-02106 Planificación y gestión del cambio 12
TL-02107 Formación de formadores 12
TL-02108 Gestión del tiempo 8
TL-02109 Gestión del estrés y resilencia 12
TL-02110 Management 3.0 (Liderazgo ágil) 14
TL-02111 Distance management 14
TL-02112 Reclutamiento 2.0 12
TL-02113 RRHH 4.0 16
TL-02201 Comunicación no verbal e imagen personal 12
TL-02202 La comunicación eficaz en el entorno profesional 12
TL-02203 Hablar en público y presentaciones eficaces 12
TL-02204 Estrategias de comunicación digital en redes sociales 14
TL-02205 Atención al cliente 8
TL-02206 PNL para una comunicación más efectiva 10
TL-02301 Trabajo en equipo método Sikkhona 8
TL-02302 Análisis de problemas y toma de decisiones 8
TL-02303 Workshops a medida con Lego Serious Play 6
TL-02304 Workshops a medida con Design Thinking 6
TL-02401 Implantación de una oficina de gestión de proyectos (PMO) 10
TL-02402 Gestión de proyectos con SCRUM 16
TL-02403 Gestión de proyectos con Microsoft Project – Módulo básico 20
TL-02404 Gestión de proyectos con Microsoft Project – Módulo Avanzado 15
TL-02408 ITIL Foundation V3 24
TL02305 Workshops a medida con Visual Thinking 6